You are not allowed to bring flammable materials onto airplanes, and dry shampoo is indeed flammable. I learned this today. En route to the airport, by bestie informed me that my dry shampoo (all four canisters) would not fly–literally. The very kind ticketing agent double checked (because dry shampoo is a very important product), but ultimately she ended up with four bottles of dry shampoo and I the promise of greasy tresses upon arrival.


I also learned that there are not hoards of people flooding Iceland this time of year (or Norway for the matter), and my three hour early arrival might have been overkill. Don’t worry about me though, I’m good at entertaining myself. Here’s how I’ve been passing the time:

  1. Bought a neck pillow
  2. Decided that I don’t need neck pillow
  3. Slowly gnawed the annoying tag off neck pillow
  4. Read some cat jokes on the internets
  5. Exchanged sappy lyrics with the boyf
  6. Lamented about how sweaty I am
  7. Lamented about how I checked my deodorant
  8. Decided neck pillow is okay
  9. Surfed the internet for more jokes

Plane boards in one hour. I’m going to either read for pleasure, read for work, or work on my syllabus. Or keep reading cat jokes.


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