There’s only a 7 hour time difference between Moss and Grand Forks, but the trip really screwed with my internal clock. I left Minneapolis at 18:30 (that’s 6:30 pm for you am/pm folks), and I arrived in Oslo the next day at 11:30 (am). With about 8 hours of travel time plus the time change, my night’s sleep got skipped. I did nap en route, but naps are not sleep and I’m old now–I need the sleeps.

Upon arrival, I felt pretty groggy and disorientated, but I found my way to baggage claim without trouble. It’s a beautiful airport. Lots of wood. I spied an area under construction that had these giant white egg-shaped structures. Like, huge–and inside. No clue what that’s about, but I’m hoping it’s done by the time I leave in May. If you’ve never been to the Oslo airport, just imagine that IKEA designed an airport and that’s pretty much what it looks like. IKEA airport.


What is this place? I have no idea. I snapped a picture and walked right by it. (I told you, groggy.) I’d guess it’s the duty-free area. Booze is really expensive in Norway, and it’s monopolized, so there’s not an option of getting it “cheaper” somewhere, except when you travel and buy duty-free at the airport.

After I passed this small consumer paradise, I waited for my bags. I had to pee, but I decided to collect my bags first. Why? Because I’m an idiot. It took a long time to get my bags because I used the boyf’s suitcase and forgot what it looked like. I watched it pass me three times on the HUGE carousel before I finally flipped it over and realized my idiocy. It was like the last piece of luggage going around so…I waited too long to check. (This is probably why I missed the earlier bus).

Then I hauled a huge suitcase, a backpack, and my shoulder bag into a skinny bathroom stall to pee. Did I mention that my luggage weighed in around 100 pounds total? Nobody needs 100 pounds of stuff. Not even if you’re going for 5 months. Not even because books. Just no. You tell yourself (I told myself), that the big luggage has wheels and the backpack can sit on top and voila, no problem. Yes problem. IT’S STILL 100 POUNDS. And getting it in and out of that bathroom required some skillful maneuvering (that I lack).

After the awkward bathroom visit, I just left. Slowly because I thought, surely somebody is going to want to see my passport? Or look in my luggage? Or see the file stuffed with relevant personal documents that I so meticulously organized and packed? Nada.

With some help from a nice bus driver, I found my bus platform and realized that I missed my bus by about 3 minutes. By then I was so hot and sweaty from wheeling the luggage around, that I decided to just stand in the cold for an hour. (Plus, I was still airing out.) It felt good. Warmer than Grand Forks. And sunny!

Here’s me waiting for the Flybussekpressen, which is the bus to Moss. This language is all about the letters. Like, let’s use all of them all the time. I’m into it.



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