First Grocery Trip

I made it to a grocery today. I did a VERY quick shop and bought a few things that I recognized as food and wanted to eat. But there were many, many things that I did not recognize as food but still wanted to eat. I’m going to make it a point to buy at least one strange thing per shop and try it. I’ve heard the fish paste is quite nice.

For today, this was it:


Nothing too exciting. The long yellow bar at the top is chocolate (of course). The bag at the top left is oatmeal. I think. It looks like it and and from what I could surmise from the label, I’m pretty sure those were cooking directions for oatmeal. For dinner I fried up a potato, kale, and mushrooms with two eggs on top. The eggs! Let me tell you about the eggs. They had the biggest, plumpest, most golden yellow yolks I’ve ever seen. Even compared to farm eggs or organic cage-free eggs in the US. I’m going to start buying eggs by the 6 dozen. (I do that at home too so I dunno why I’m even writing that).


I was told by friends that the food in Norway is very expensive. I think the dollar is very strong right now (1 USD = 8.5 Norwegian Kroner), so maybe that’s helping, but I didn’t think my shopping trip was that expensive. The above groceries cost 175.00 Kroner, which is about $20. Then again, I didn’t buy any cheese or baked breads or fancy meats that were much more expensive. Evidently, eating out IS very expensive, so I’ll probably abstain save a few nice meals. I was told that I should try good Norwegian lutefisk, but I don’t think that’s something I want to pay for.

Anyway, I’ll leave you for now with this video of me versus a box of Applesinjuice, which is actually (spoilers ahead) orange juice.



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