Iceland Air

If you fly to Europe (or Scandinavia in my case) through Iceland Air, you can schedule a stopover and spend up to 7 nights in Iceland as part of your trip. There’s even a hash tag (#MyStopover) because social media. I will be using said hash tag on my return trip as I scheduled my stopover for the way home. By that time (late May/Early June), the sun doesn’t ever fully set. As this nifty chart illustrates, “night” listed for that time frame comes up as “not on this day.” Those five days in Iceland are going to be like:


But more on that later.

Let me get back to Iceland Air. The ceilings of the airplanes undulate in blues and greens, like the Northern lights. It’s mesmerizing. The flight attendants were all ladies–tall, gorgeous, cheek-boned ladies–wearing delightful pillbox hats. Each airplane is named after something Icelandic. My plane to from Reykjavik to Oslo, for instance, was Grímsvötn, named after an Icelandic volcano that last erupted in 2011. And hiding all over the airplane (and the airport in Reykjavik) were these adorable (sometimes sneaky) trolls.



My enjoyment of the flight to Reykjavik was greatly increased by a seat change prior to boarding. The sweet ticketing agent who took home my dry shampoo saw that there was an open seat in an exit row and asked if I’d like to change seats (um, yes.) Not only did I have an aisle seat, in an exit row, but there was an empty middle seat too. I sat down and  spread out like hot butter. My enjoyment was further increased by the selection of movies onboard, which I can only describe as “The Greats.” Featured movies included Aliens, Beetlejuice, Fargo, Lethal Weapon, and Dredd (which made me miss my beau).

I had an uneventful but pleasant flight, but there were some cons (as there are):

  1. No free booze for economy
  2. No free snacks for economy
  3. Regular leg room (which I experienced on my second flight) is not roomier than a US domestic flight and would kind of suck for the longer leg of the trip
  4. The sound on my tv was fussy, but functional

Mostly the list above reflects my spoiled American Heritage, and I don’t have any real complaints. I purchased a glass of wine and a snack box, and though it probably wasn’t worth $17, it greatly enhanced my flight experience. (When does a snack and wine not enhance an experience?) The snack box contained meat which I happily ate, and I promise to tell you about the meat farts that followed.

Toward the end of my flight, I began wondering how much it cost to install those wonderful blue and green lights on the airplane and if I’d trade that little feature for a free snack (or booze). In the end I decided, no. Not everybody wants a snack or a meal or a drink, but something unique like “northern lights” on an airplane is for everybody. Overall, Iceland Air gets an A- from me.




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