Norway…so far

Let’s get this out of the way. Scandinavia looks like a penis. Well, a penis with VD.


Sweden and Finland undeniably look like a penis and testicles. And Norway looks like some kind of frightening penial growth. Something rotten in Denmark, indeed. I’m terrible with geography and maybe I never really looked at a map long enough to notice this, but I’m really seeing it now, and I can’t unsee it. I’m living in a penis growth.

But! I hear it’s a beautiful country. I haven’t seen much of it yet, so I’m still pretty stuck on the penis thing. I did go on a walking tour today and I saw this creepy naked child statue watching our group from the bushes.


Alright, so far I haven’t seen a lot. I promise I’m going to get out of the apartment/this tiny town thing that I live in and I’m going to take a million beautiful pictures. (Also, the story behind the tiny town thing I live in is really neat, so I’ll get around to tell you about that soon). In the mean time, try NOT seeing a penis whenever you look at the above map.





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