Another Shopping Trip

Today we shopped (again). This time, however, we had TIME. Time to explore all of Norway’s consumer treasures whilst annoying the locals as we walked in circles, eyes full of wonder. Where to start? Well, we ate lunch at a convenience store–like, basically a 7/11 (which they do have here but we haven’t seen one yet). I know what you’re thinking because you’re imagining an American convenience store. This is Norway. Their standards are higher than ours. We got “hot dogs” which were actually fat delicious sausages with the skin cracked open and that amazing snap when you took a bite. No regrets there. Well, maybe one regret. Emily was brave and tried the “hot dog sauce” on part of her sausage. It was basically sweet mayo with some other flavor in there that was pretty tasty but I couldn’t pinpoint.

Then we went into a “dollar store” but nothing is a dollar in Norway so it was more like the “four dollar store” if that’s a thing. It. Was. Delightful. It’s called Flying Tiger, and they had the weirdest stuff. Emily found this OctoFinger. Not sure what it’s supposed to do, but for 10 kroner, how can you say no? She also tried on these great glasses and I wish I’d bought them.


Tyler found a shot spinner. It’s basically a small lazy Susan with an arrow. You spin it and whoever it lands on has to take the shot. Emily also found these marshmallows.


They are stupidly delicious. (Somebody I know and love is obsessed with marshmallows and I’m going to bring a bag home for her…) Actually, anybody who’s getting a gift from Norway is going to get something ridiculous from this store. The best thing I purchasd was this shopping bag:


It’s a boobie bag. I love it so much I can’t even. It has a handle and a shoulder strap, and on the inside there’s a little pocket for your wallet or whatever. It also has a spot for your name and address in case you loose it because, real talk, losing this bag would be a tragedy. The best part? I’m pretty sure it’s for children.

After Flying Tiger, we went back to the grocery store for a more leisurely shop. There are a lot of food products available in toothpaste containers. I was not brave enough to buy any of them. I spent 400 kroner this time (about 47 USD) and here’s what I bought:


Notice that the yogurt is in a squeeze bag. I’m not too hopeful about the consistency, but as long as its unsweetened, I’m good. Right in the middle you’ll see off-brand Nutella, which we all sampled and it’s actually nuttier and tastier (and cheaper) than Nutella. I also bought lefse-looking things that I think are savory wraps for sandwiches. I will probably spread the “Nutella” on them. Emily and I also went halfsies on Norwegian Brown cheese (because it was expensive and came in a huge block that one person couldn’t finish…well, shouldn’t finish).


If you haven’t had this cheese, it’s called Brunost and it tastes like caramel and cheese had a baby. It’s heavenly. I first had it with my dear friend Ash who’s wise in the ways of Norway (and cheese) and I couldn’t wait to get here and buy some. It’s very rich, so you only need a little bit to feel satisfied. But need and want are two different things. Emily already suggested making a grilled cheese, so I’ll be sure to update you when that happens.


We also found (but did not buy) Norwegian hot pockets. They look pretty gross. There’s a lot of pre-packaged food here. More than I’d expected. If I’m going to eat something terrible for me, it’s going to be bacon. Or cronuts, which is also tried for the first time today. They are delicious.

I did not buy anything adventurous today, unless you count the brown cheese. But I knew what I was expecting there. Rather, ANTICIPATING. I’ll buy some weird fish next time. Maybe I’ll get brave and buy something in the toothpaste tube. Today was fun. Especially now that I have a boobie bag to carry around town. ( o )( o )




  1. Ohh my heavens! I adore that booby bag!!! All your finds sound delicious and well, interesting. Things to eat in tubes.. huh.. well, should always try something once right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the prettiest brunost I’ve ever seen! It must be special for Christmas, since it says “God Jul.” What a wonderful adventure for you! Please continue sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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