Let’s talk for a minute about how cute Moss is. For starters, this is the street I live on. It is a two-way (they drive on the right side like we do), but they don’t ugly up their streets with lines for “safety” or whatever. Hey, it works. The cobblestones separate the road from the walking area, but since it’s so narrow, I think cars sometimes have to borrow walking space to get by. Why are all these buildings the same, you ask? Well, these buildings used to be housing for mill workers. These are all historic buildings renovated into (stylish) modern apartments. But I’ll tell you more about that later.


Here’s the view from the end of my street on the way into town. Just like a river cutting through town and beautiful craggy rocks and trees and shit. I love it. img_1529IMG_1530.JPG

Not all of the buildings look like this one, but how pretty? I think it’s a clothing store on the bottom and maybe apartments at the top. Imagine living in the apartment with the spire thing. It’s probably a useless space but so cool. It’d be like living in a castle. Or a wizard’s hat. A win either way.


Okay, that’s all I’ve got for scenery (for now). We didn’t go much farther than the mall, so hold tight for more neat Norway pictures because ONE DAY I will venture father than the mall. However, I will leave you with this last picture. Evidently they do have Motels in Norway but…


…just went past it a little there. :’-D


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