Welcome weekend has ended, and it’s time to get down to brass tacks! Kind of.

Last night I finished my course schedules, and today we met the students for a brief orientation. ACN has 45 students, mostly Norwegian and some American. I’m kind of lucky because all the students take composition, so I’ll have the chance to get to know each of them. My creative writing class is an elective, so I’m hoping to hit a sweet spot at about 15 students. If I get 25 or more, I’ll have to rewrite the syllabus (!!) or just give them 4 minutes apiece for workshops. Not ideal.


So far, the students seem friendly and interesting. Lots of personality. Depending on how that energy manifests in the classroom, we’re either going to have a great semester or we’re all going straight to Hell. I’m hoping for the former; but, you know me, I’m always up for a trip some place warm.

Also at orientation, I introduced myself and though I probably seemed relatively calm on the outside, my body decided that this was the moment to redirect all of my mouth’s moisture to my arm pits. Sweaty cotton mouth, they call me. WINK. I speak in front of people all the time, but every so often a new situation throws me, and I turn into a sweaty (and some how dried out?) ball of anxiety. But I lived! And I’m here telling the tale.

Classes start tomorrow, but not really. That’s what the above “kind of” is all about. Students are encouraged to “shop” for classes the first week, so we won’t really do anything major until next week. Plus, the class days are uneven between my M/W and my T/H comp classes, so I had to cancel Thursday this week. That means I teach one section of comp tomorrow, the other section on Wednesday along with my Creative Writing class, and THAT’S IT. We’re easing into this semester like a warm bath.

Did I tell you about our class schedule yet? Oh, let me. We only have classes Monday through Thursday because LONG WEEKENDS ARE AMAZING. We also get two week-long breaks (Spring break and Easter break), and Labor day which is May 1st. I’m going to travel as much as my wallet allows. And maybe then some. If I come home broke with a passport full of stamps, all I will say is: WORTH IT.

Last thing, because what’s a blog post without a picture? In preparation for teaching tomorrow, I had to do a bunch of copying and printing in the copy room and I noticed this GIANT poster on the wall:

Yes, that’s right. It’s a huge poster of all George W. Bush’s famous flubs. This is what the world thinks of us. It’s kind of sad an embarrassing, but I’m also kind of amused by it. AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE POSTER THEY MAKE FOR THE TINY-HANDED CHEETO!


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