While I’m here, I want to go to all the places, see all the things, do all the adventures, eat all the foods; but I’ve only got 5 months and a finite amount of stretch to my wallet. Since I never set any official New Years goals, here are my Norway Adventure Goals:

  1. Eat Reindeer (Rudolph, preferably, but I’ll take any)
  2. Get 5 stamps in my passport (Norway and Iceland are a given!)
  3. Try “staple” food or beverage of any place I visit
  4. Go on a hiking trip in Norway and in Iceland
  5. Learn at least the basics of the Norwegian language (I’ve signed up for Duolingo!)
  6. Dedicate some time to reviving my French
  7. Replace the cover photo of this blog (which was take from the internets with creative commons permission) with a picture of the Northern Lights that I took
  8. Take a million pictures

I’ve also been thinking of some personal growth goals for while I’m here; so I suppose I should be accountable and list those too:

  1. Revise Billy Lynn lit paper for publication
  2. Submit 10 poems for publication
  3. Submit 1 short story for publication
  4. Keep up with this blog (duh)
  5. Put writing time on my daily schedule (like I do for my students)
  6. Read the books I brought
  7. Read some rhet/comp articles that might, like, enrich me as an academic
  8. Use my gym membership (MUDO!)
  9. Be a good teacher

I think that’s good: 17 goals for 2017



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