I know I just got to Norway but…

I’m going to ROME. Because, why not?

Emily’s birthday is two weeks from tomorrow. She said she wanted to travel somewhere fun to celebrate, and I was like…want a travel buddy? There isn’t a destination I can imagine myself saying “no” to, as long as it’s fairly inexpensive–and I think $300 for airfare and hotel is reasonable for a long weekend in Rome. So, off to Rome we go!

Of course I didn’t take the picture featured on this blog post…because I haven’t been to Rome yet. But I’m going to take SO MANY PICTURES. And I’m going to write about ALL THE THINGS.

Our “must have” list is pretty short:

  1. Pizza
  2. The Vatican
  3. Pasta
  4. The Colosseum
  5. Walk around and look at stuff
  6. (for me) Get a fridge magnet

Whatever wonderful things happen beyond that will just be gravy.



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