The Oslo airport (Gardermoen) isn’t very close to the city, so even though I’ve been in Norway for over a week, I haven’t seen Oslo. With nothing else planned on a Saturday, Emily and I decided to have an adventure.

We got up early and caught the 9:08 train to Oslo. It was a chilly morning which made for a brisk walk. We bought train tickets, like old pros. (Not really, but we got it done). And since it was so early on a Saturday, the train was fairly empty. The seats are so comfy and like the busses, there’s free WIFI. It was like commuting in my living room. BONUS: Dogs are allowed on the trains, and we sat by an adorable pup on her first ride. She even came over to say hello.

At the train station, we stopped at a convenience store for a waffle snack. I got a Norwegian waffle with brown cheese and Emily got a chocolate covered Belgian and we went splitsies. Just a reminder, this is what Norwegian convenience stores are like:

After checking out a few stores, we met up with Nick (the PR guru at ACN) who so kindly offered to give us a tour of Oslo. We first walked to the Opera House, which is supposed to look like an ice berg. Or was it a glacier? Anyway, it looks like a bunch of ice but fancy and beautiful. It’s got lots of space for roaming and climbing, and there’s a great view from the top. It’s a neat public structure.

We also saw the Palace where the King of Norway probably doesn’t live. I was hoping to have tea with the Royals, but they were otherwise engaged. Maybe next Saturday.

We found the tourist trinket shop, and I insisted that we go in. I wanted a fridge magnet for my collection, but I couldn’t find one I liked. I’ve got time, right? I did, however, find these LOVELY mittens. And they are SO COZY. I’ll beg for cold once it’s too warm to wear them.


We stopped at a cute cafe (the name of which I have forgotten) and got coffee and a pastry. I ordered a flat white (I think it’s called.) I’ve never had a coffee so good. And the chocolate chip scone…heaven. OF COURSE, there was much photo taking and Instagraming while we were there. Having fancy coffee is serious business.

Then we ate fried chicken and waffles. We considered getting reindeer potpies, but the market was too crowded. Anyway, when I eat Rudolph, I want to really taste it. If I try reindeer for the first time stuffed in a pie, I might not get the full experience.

All told, we spent about 7 hours walking around (and snacking around) Oslo. Emily said we walked about 20,000 steps. I bet that’s not unusual for Oslo folks–the city was FULL of pedestrians. The main shopping streets were all walking streets, no cars allowed. (Peds rule, cars drool). It’s a pretty good way of life.

Today’s adventure was great. I’m excited to go back and explore some more. It was a great day. S/O to Nick for giving up his Saturday to show us the sites!



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