The Art of the Stroll

Fresh air does wonders for your well-being, even when it’s chilly. Norwegians know this, and they don’t let a nip in the air stop them from being outside. On the weekends, the streets are full of people, dogs and babies in tow. Coffee stops, errands, naps on the beach: they’ve mastered the art of the weekend stroll.

Temps reached about 30 degrees (F) today–much warmer than home but still fairly brisk. Even after walking almost 10 miles yesterday, I had an itch to get outside for a walk. I knew the streets would be bustling, and I wanted to join the world for a Sunday outing. Emily and I embarked on a new path and found the water front. Clear water and clear skies today.

Then we found the beach and kicked through the sand a bit. I tried to get a closer picture of the swans, but they are mean as hell and chased us off the beach. When they couldn’t satisfy their blood lust with me, they savagely attacked each other. Enjoy these lovely swan pictures–you don’t want to step to these bros IRL.

We walked by several cafes and restaurants, and many of them still have outdoor seating with heaps of blankets set out. (I took a picture of one such place in my Oslo post.) Several places also have candles burning outside. It’s cozy and warm and welcoming and I think we need to start doing this in the US.

Chilly enough for a hat; sunny enough for sun glasses. 

We walked until the sun started to go down, and we got chilly. I stopped off at the gym (MUDO!), then walked home in the dark. Sun is setting around 4 pm–an hour earlier than home. It’s not so bad. Today was a good day.


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