I love that peaceful time of day just before sunset, when the sky turns dusty blue and everything gets chilly and quiet. You know, that time around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Actually, the sunlight adjustment hasn’t been as difficult as I anticipated. I prepared myself for the worst–total darkness. I was fully prepared to live that vamp life. It hasn’t been nearly that bad. Clearly–did you see how beautiful it was yesterday? Right now, we get about two fewer hours of sunlight compared to back home.

Today in Grand Forks
Sunrise: 8:11 (am)
Sun set: 5:05 (pmP

Today in Moss
Sunrise: 8:58 (am)
Sun set: 3:58 (pm)

By the summer solstice, Moss will have almost complete day light: 18 hours and 40 minutes to be precise. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone by then. But, the days will start to get long around the end of March, so I’ll have about two months of LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT.

For now, I don’t mind these dusky days. I just need to remember to get outside for a walk before 4 pm or else I miss the day altogether. After the sun goes down, it’s all koselig in my apartment with little chance of reemergence. I’m embracing that lifestyle.


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