I’m Offish (-ish)

My temporary residency card came in the mail today. I’m basically Norwegian now. As a bonus, that means I got mail for the first time. Made me feel…official. But let me go back and emphasize the *I* part. When I first checked my mailbox, piles and piles of newspapers and magazines poured out. You’d think the letter carrier would just…stop. But, no:


Anyway, my mailbox is empty now so if you want to be pen pals, let me know! I’ll message you my address.

As an official Norwegian (temporary resident), let me tell you about paprika and how Norwegians LOVE it.

When I first checked my kitchen, I noticed that the previous tenant left paprika which struck me because I don’t use it often. Then I noticed that there was paprika in the lunch room at ACN. Not salt and pepper–but paprika. THEN TODAY I was met with a WALL of paprika-flavored snacks at the grocery store. A WALL.

Did you think I was joking? I was not. So I bought the I ❤ Paprika chips, and guess what? I do! Like a real Norwegian (temporary resident), I love Paprika (chips and maybe only this brand we’ll see).

I also did some googling and I came across this blog post about popular foods in Norway. PLEASE NOTE that hot dogs make this list. I’m telling you–the hot dogs here are delicious. But not a lot about paprika. This website has some interesting stuff too, but more of the same and still no paprika explanation. But I know what I saw, and I saw a wall of paprika snacks.


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