Dinner of Champions

I’m eating popcorn and bacon for dinner. (Some days you just can’t fight who you are.) I have no regrets here, mostly because this is the tastiest popcorn I’ve ever eaten. I consider myself somewhat of a popcorn connoisseur, or at least a frequent eater of dinner popcorn. I pop it on the stove, in canola oil, with salt. Very simple. I’ve found that white kernels make more supple popcorn, but they usual pop into small, fragile puffs. Yellow corn, on the other hand, pops big and hearty but it’s chewier and doesn’t have that nice snap you want from popcorn.

At the local grocery (called Kiwi, btw–how cute is that), I found a small bag of unpopped corn, and what I think must be soy bean oil. I’m going to be honest…I’m not sure what Canola oil is made from. I just know it pops good corn. And I’m not sure if Canola oil is the same as Vegetable oil. So the deliciousness of this popcorn might not be in the kernel at all but rather the oil.

I popped the corn–which looks just like the yellow corn I find at home–on the stove, with oil and salt, as per usual. Yet not-per-usual, the corn came out big and substantial like yellow corn with the supple texture and snap of white corn. IT’S SOME KIND OF POPCORN MIRACLE.

If anybody wise to the ways of popcorn making can explain if it’s the oil or the seed, I need to know. Because this popcorn also had the best flavor. Like…earthy. I’m pretty sure that’s the oil. But I ALMOST felt like I was eating a legitimate vegetable.


Needless to say, I ate the whole bowl along with three strips of burnt bacon. This was my dinner. I’m an adult. I’m going to the gym tomorrow.


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