Snow Bunny

My Abuela emailed me today asking, “how’s my little snow bunny?” She lives in Panama, so I image almost anything colder than 60 degrees (F) feels rather snowy. I had to report that, actually, there’s no snow on the ground today. There hasn’t been any serious snow since I arrived two weeks ago. This morning greeted me with a beautiful pink sky and tepid air. I wore a heavy sweater instead of a coat and felt quite comfortable.

The high was 45 (F) today, and though that looks like the warmest it will be all week, temps won’t fall below freezing during the day.

I’d read that it would be warmer in Moss than in Grand Forks. I (and I think lots of people) assume that it would be colder because Norway is so…Nordic. But I’ve lived in Nordic and it’s name is Grand Forks. It’s -4 (F) in Grand Forks right now, and it’s supposed to top out around 2 above. That’s heavy jacket-wool socks-boots-mittens-scarf-hat-weather.

However, the maybe-just-above-freezing temps here means ice. Two days ago we had an rain/ice storm that temporarily halted all the busses. A thin layer of ice coated everything. It was a treacherous walk home. Then it warmed up that night, and the next morning was foggy and beautiful (though still kind of icy).


We’ve had one light dusting of snow, which was very pretty (and also slippery), but nothing serious. There are a lot of hills in Moss, which makes it a fun city to walk though, but the ice really slows you down. I’m not super graceful, so an icy hill like this spells certain disaster:


In contrast, Grand Forks has already gotten several feet of snow this winter. I’ll reluctantly admit that I KIND OF miss the snow fall, but I do not miss the constant sub-zero temperatures (accompanied ALWAYS by piercing winds). I’ll gladly take this lovely winter Moss is having (knock on wood) over the frigid temps in North Dakota.


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