(x) Norway Bucket List

I ate reindeer! It smak god.

On Saturday, Emily and I went back to Oslo to soak up the last of the January sales and to hunt down some reindeer pies we’d seen the week before. After some wandering and shopping, we went to the market where we’d spotted the reindeer. To our fortune, the pies were in the oven when we arrived. We only had to wait a few minutes, and we had a piping hot lunch ready for our bellies.

This pie–garnished with pickled onion–made my day. Buttery crust, tasty veggies, tangy onions, tender meat. Beautiful and tasty. I’d like to try reindeer again, on its own. It was hard to discern the flavor of the meat against all the other flavors in the pie. I thought reindeer would be gamey, but it was just kind of tender and tasty and beef-like. In any case, I’ll be grazing this market again soon.

Though the market in general is kind of small, there are several cute speciality shops with just about anything you might want. Meats, cheeses, breads, marzipan fruits! It’s packed on the weekends and it’s a good spot to people-watch.

We had great weather, except for all the ice. One hill was so icy and so steep that Emily and I were like cartoon characters trying to walk up it. Several people just gave up and went around. A few butts got tested for cushion. But look how pretty:

Oslo is a fun place. ❤





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