Rome’s a city full of broken stuff…

…And it’s breath taking. If my shoes didn’t peg me as a tourist (they did), the fact that I walked around the city with my mouth agape, taking pictures of every pice of marble and stone and column certainly gave me away.

Wearing these shoes in favor of my equally comfortably and exceptionally more fashionable Sorel boots will go down as one of my great life regrets.

We started our first day with breakfast at the hotel, which to our surprise was complimentary. Forget every breakfast you’ve ever eaten (at a hotel), and let me take you on a journey of pastries and cakes, lunch meats and cheese, fried bacon and sausage, toast and flaky rolls, fresh squeezed juice and homemade yogurt. Not to mention Italian coffee. It might have been Folgers–I’m no coffee snob–but it was dang tasty.

Our first stop was a Vatican tour at 10:30. We opted for the upgrade to a guided tour, and I’m glad we did. The museums are many, and our quirky guide Marco kept us on track. He, like every Italian we met, was full of charm and personality. We lucked out in the tour guide department. Our guided tour also got us straight into St. Peter’s after the Vatican, skipping a horrendous line. Worth it! Here’s our fearless guide, Marco…he’s so smart and strong:

In that first picture, he’s explaining the Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel, since you can’t talk when you’re in there. There’s a martyr who gave up his skin, and he’s holding his skin suit in the painting. It’s pretty awesome.

I had hoped that we’d get to high-five the Pope, but alas. Maybe next time. The Vatican, St. Peter’s, and The Sistine Chapel were awesome in the truest sense of the word. Massive works of art, all of them. You’re not allowed to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel, but you can Google it. Or check out Emily’s blog because she was naughty and snapped a picture. Can you imagine poor Michelangelo painting that whole ceiling on his back for four years? A victim of his own success.

There were tons of statues and naked peeps and boobs and butts, as you’d expect. There was also a hall of giant rugs and a great collection of what I’ll call angry woman face. I was more than amused capturing these timeless images:

TO BE FAIR, I took the one pene close-up because of the inscription on the statue. Marco said this is one of the only pieces that Michelangelo signed. I think that’s what he said. I really should write things down.

We saw a thousand beautiful things, and if you’ve seen one tourist picture you’ve seen them all. So here are a few more. LOOK HOW PRETTY.

Emily and I of course took selfies, just to prove we were there. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

We took the metro to the Vatican, but we WALKED all the way back. Being on foot gave us the chance to stop for snacks, shop, and enjoy the monuments. We put in over 10 miles the first day. Pretty impressive, right?

We took a much less direct route, passing by the ruins of the theatre where Caesar was stabbed and the Trevi Fountain, but you get the idea.

We balanced all that walking out with DELICIOUS food at every turn:

Absolutely no complaints. The day was perfection.





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