Fresh Snow in a Fjord

When I arrived in Flåm, I wasn’t sure how to find my tour guide for the snowshoeing adventure. I got … More

Flåm WOW

The Bergen train station has a Deli de Luca. And do you know what Deli de Luca’s have? WAFFLES WITH … More

Beautiful Bergen

From the moment I woke up Wednesday morning, I knew it had snowed. I could hear cars slushing through the streets, … More

Oslo Sleep

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Brief Hiatus

Tomorrow I’m setting out on my Norway fjord adventure. I’m not going to blog during the trip because I want … More

Being Norwegian

I was joking with one of my students about my tiny hope that Norway will decide to keep me (so I don’t … More

Let’s talk about Candy, baby

At home–walk into any grocery store, convenient store, or big box store and you’re immediately inundated with seasonal goods, the likes … More