Out n About

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a little work friend dinner this week at Cafe Riis. I had popped into Riis once before, and I assumed it was just a coffee shop. There’s a counter with a drink menu written in chock, a few tempting desserts on display, and an abundance of couches and tables to cozy up to. But Cafe Riis is so much more.

We went on Wednesday night, and though we were there a for an early dinner, it was surprisingly busy. I assumed most of the other patrons weren’t eating, but plate after plate poured out of the kitchen, each one stacked high and looking like it wanted to be my dinner.

It took Krista about 10 minutes to go through the menu with me (it’s all in Norwegian of course). There were so many pages! So many options! I narrowed it down to the pulled pork sandwich, the fish burger, or the chicken quesadilla. But ultimately–who can say no to pulled pork.

When my sandwich arrived, my jaw dropped. A mountain of pulled pork sat on a pita sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, onion,  tzatziki sauce and a dish of marinated olives and feta.

I wish I’d gotten a better picture, but the “mood lighting” made for poor “food lighting” 

Oh, sandwich of my dreams! Hiding in this little coffee house! Every other plate that came to the table looked just as good. All I could think about while I was eating–besides how incredibly delicious everything tasted–was how soon I would return. This place isn’t fancy or expensive, but it’s cozy and comfortable and the food is delicious. Plus, it’s just around the corner from school. Dangerous!

We did get to talking about the fancy-schmance restaurants in Europe and Scandinavia, and evidently some of the very best in the world are a train or a ferry away. So Will and I got to googling later and we found a place in Oslo called Maaemo that has three Michelin stars. It’s very tempting to have such an amazing restaurant so close. Will and I are both foodies, and the menu certainly seduced us. But we decided that it probably wouldn’t be worth $600 to eat there. I mean, it’s a little cheaper if you skip the wine, but still. Emily and I spent a weekend in Rome for that much! And we had wine.

Sticking to practicality, the next outing will likely be a visit to Moss Sushi.


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