Happy Valentines!

Yesterday my fella had flowers delivered for Valentine’s day. I have no idea how he made that happen, but I’m just going to enjoy the magic. He did mention that he “typed” the note, but the note I got was hand-written. That means that somebody on this end wrote out the message. How cute is that? Anyway, the flowers smell incredible–my whole apartment is like a meadow.


Today at school the students put on a little Valentine’s day shindig. Somebody made cookies and they were DELICIOUS. I meant to take a picture of a whole cookie, but I accidentally took a bite first. DELICIOUS.


The Valentine gathering also had a cute little Photo Booth. You know we jumped right in there. Aren’t we adorable?


I brought these caramels in–kind of as a Valentine treat, but mostly because I was talking about them yesterday and describing a tasty thing never really does it justice. You gotta just taste the thing. These caramels are like fudge and caramel had a baby. They don’t stick in your teeth, but they’re buttery and soft just like caramel. I’ll probably be bringing a few boxes home in my suitcase.


I got a bonus surprise too. It just so happened that the box Wills sent was ready for pickup today! So I kind of got two Valentines from my Valentine. He sent a bunch of my favorite ginger chews and the sweetest card. I can’t tell you what it says because that’s confidential love stuff, but it was really precious.

I ended the day watching some Friends (including a Valentine’s episode!) and treating myself to a KitKat. PARTY ON, WAYNE. Oh, and Colin the housing guy had to come collect a dead mouse from the trap under my sink. That wasn’t so great. But I still had a nice day and I felt really loved, even though my fella is an ocean away. I hope you all had a fun Valentine’s day too.



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