Trains and boats and Fjords, oh my!

ACN’s winter break starts tomorrow, which of course means that the students are going to scatter ASAP. The students…and the teachers, that is. Well, I’m not scattering immediately, but I did just plan a Nordic mini-vaycay and fjord tour for next week and I AM EXCITED.

My adventure starts on Tuesday. I’ll head into Oslo early in the day and check in to my air BnB. If you haven’t traveled with air BnB yet, DO IT. And tell them I sent you, so I can get points or whatever. Then I’m going to spend the day in Oslo, mostly at the National Gallery. They have some famous art there, so I should probably go look at it.

Wednesday morning my train departs for Bergen. I have another air BnB in Bergen and an afternoon/evening to explore the town. I’m sure there’s some stuff I can do?

Thursday, the train goes to Gudvangen where we pick up a boat and cruise around a fjord. How can that not be awesome? The boat journey ends in Flam where I’m spending my last night. I almost had a heart attack because I realized after booking the tour that there are no air BnBs in Flam. The closet one was almost two hours by car. YIKES. So I had to book a hotel instead. Or I guess it’s a marina apartment? With an amazing view? It was about $100 for the night, and it looks really beautiful…so I’m skeptical.


Well, I’ll let you know! Oh, and I also booked a snow shoe hike while I’m in Flam. I was so excited to see that option pop up. All I wanted out of Norway was a hike somewhere pretty, and I’ve always wanted to go snow shoeing. Two in one. All I have to say is…it better be gorgeous. 

My last train leaves Flam around 5 pm and I arrive in Oslo at 10:30. I’ll catch a late train back to Moss and be home by, 1 am? It’s late, but it’ll only be Friday and I’ll have the rest of the weekend to recover before classes resume. Much excite!


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