Norway Nest

I meant to write this post a while ago, but I got busy blogging about food and adventures and…more food and I just forgot. Better late than never: the grand tour!


This Verket–the street I live on. All the buildings in this area have been carefully renovated, preserving the historical exterior features. (This is probably why they’re so paranoid about fire…dang sensitive fire detectors). The red buildings (like mine) used to be the housing for mill workers. The mill, established in 1704, was an ironworks, powered by the waterfalls nearby.

Isn’t it pretty? All this is just down the street from where I live and right across from the school. There’s a whole Wikipedia page about the mill’s history, so if you want to read more, go nuts! The yellow building that you’ll see pictured on the Wiki page is attached to the school. The building that houses ACN used to be the business office for the mill. Which explains the MASSIVE door on our copy room–it used to be the vault.


One morning I came in and somebody had closed the door a little too far. It took two of us to get it back open again.

Now, on to my apartment! Emily and I live in the same section of our building. We share a common outside door; my apartment is downstairs and hers is upstairs. The apartment came furnished, thankfully. And it’s all quite nice. Very Ikea.

Walking in, the entry way leads to a coat closet, a storage nook, and the bathroom. The shower has two doors that magnetically seal to create the shower wall. It’s a cool design. Oh! And the floor is heated. My apartment is plenty warm and cozy, but a heated floor is just divine. The toilet flusher is two buttons on the wall, which I enjoy. Like, who knew flushing the toilet could be fun? Big one for big potty, little one for little potty. It’s eco.


I also have a washing machine in the bathroom, but no dryer. I hang a lot of my stuff anyway, so it’s not a problem. Except for the towels. They come off the drying rack like pieces of cardboard. I honestly worry that I’m going to crack them in half when I’m folding, haha. It’s a small tradeoff for eco-chic.


The washing machine has pictures that are supposed to help me decide which setting to use for my laundry. They’re…not all usefully descriptive.


Do I washing my clothes on flower cloud or mixed drink? Usually I just pick sheep or butterfly–they seem like safe bets. Haven’t ruined anything yet.

Next, the entry way leads into the living room/kitchen area. It’s an open layout which is nice. I don’t like to feel closed in. The fridge looks like one of the cupboards, which also feels modern and chic. The living room furniture is so cozy. Lots of naps happen here.

Last stop is the bedroom. I have two comforters on my bed an a radiator by the window. All three do their best to warm my chilly bones. One night, I made the mistake of turning my radiator down because I thought two down comforters would be enough–I tossed and turned all night–too cold to sleep well but too tired to realize why. The next morning I cranked the heat.


Yeah, the pictures aren’t great. But I don’t plan on going into Real Estate photography. But that’s the tour, more or less. It’s a lovely little space in a great little corner of town. It’s got some euro-inspired elements that I love, but it doesn’t feel too far from home. It’s my little Norway Nest.




  1. Omg! The washer symbols 😂

    Super cute place! The kitchen looks really nice and chic. It makes me think of house hunters international.

    I enjoy seeing all the history and living vicariously through you while I’m stuck in my boring life, so thank you for writing and sharing pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is this where we guess the washer symbols? I say sheep for wool, butterfly for silk, cloud flower for cotton, beaker for synthetic, and the tiny tshirt is the oh shoot i bought the wrong size and need to shrink it.

    Liked by 1 person

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