So you admit it; you think you’re pretty

Norway is that unapologetically beautiful friend that you love to hate. She’s got water and mountains and fjords and moss and trees and beautiful sunsets and SHE DON’T CARE.

The weekend brought a little nip and a lot of fog, but the veil lifted today. It warmed up enough to melt some snow, and the skies were clear all day. Caleb, Tyler, and I  decided to take it all in on a little hike. Norway put on her best dress for us. The trails were a little icy; but the air temperature was just perfect. Once we hit the trail head, we were soon surrounded by dripping ice sickles, bright green moss, and ruddy pine needles.

We walked until we came to the water where we found a little rock island just asking to be sat upon. Tyler skipped stones and Caleb looked into the future. I took selfies. Everybody’s got a thing.

Tyler found a small colony of snails in the water. We contemplated the weirdness of sitting next to the ocean when it seems more like a river or a lake. Some wild life perplexed us with strange noises and behaviors that we deemed mating rituals. It is spring time, after all. Dusk doesn’t come until about 4 pm now, and we stayed until the sun started to sink.

Could you ask for anything more beautiful? And on a Monday. Mondays are the worst.



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