Bonus Disc

On my Norway adventure, I ran into two funny signs that I forgot to work into my posts. So here’s a little bonus material.

This first one was in the bathroom on the ferry. I’ve seen all kinds of cutesy bathroom signs before, but never one like this:



  1. If you’re a dude, you gotta sit down to pee. Sorry, guys. (And yes, if you look closely, there’s a penis in that graphic.)
  2. No puking! Which is strange, because it’s a ferry and I’m sure people get sea sick frequently enough. Puking over the side of the boat is preferable, perhaps?
  3. NO UPPER DECKERS. I can’t argue here.
  4. No…fishing. I’m just not sure that’s a real issue. They include THIS but no mention of flushing tampons or diapers? I guess Norway has a very different set of toilet issues than I’m used to.
  5. No doing yoga while urinating. It SEVERELY hinders your accuracy.

-Regards, the toilet? Because evidently if you break any of these rules, the toilet is going to tattle on you. Like, open its lid and tell the next person what you did. It’s going to name names. 

The second sign is about the Kvikk Lunsj bars I’ve mentioned previously. Norwegians are very proud of this bar (though, let’s be honest, it’s just a KitKat ripoff…a delicious ripoff but still). But they are ADAMANT that Kvikk Lunsj is tastier than AND superior to KitKats. ADAMANT, I SAY!


Don’t ever tell a Norwegian otherwise. Just don’t. For the record, 29 kr is a lot for a single bar. You can get an 8 pack at the Rema for 79 kr. Not that I buy them 8 at a time…

I would very much like to do a KitKat/Kvikk Lunsj taste test. So if ya’ll are reading this and you’re going to come visit, bring a KitKat. Because I’m sorry, I can’t be trust with a Kvikk Lunsj on a 12 hour plane ride home. There’s no way it’ll make it.


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