Happy St. Paddy’s from a Country that Doesn’t Give a Shit

Evidently St. Patrick’s day isn’t a thing in Norway. While all my friends are taking up the Irish mantle, downing Guinness and stuffing their maws with corned beef, I’ve been making due with a country that couldn’t give two whoops about Saint Patrick, the Irish, or getting day drunk. Actually, I take that back. Evidently the Norwegians love getting day drunk on their Independence day, but that’s a story for another time.

ACN had a small tribute to St. Patrick’s yesterday. There were delicious cookies, coffee (sadly free of booze) and shamrock decorations. I wore green socks and ate three cookies. I didn’t spike my coffee–I was at work after all.

Today we got REALLY crazy and had cronuts with our lunch. A cronut, for those of you who haven’t been exposed to this culinary wonder, is a croissant and a doughnut blend, with custard in the center and icing on top. They aren’t an Irish thing, but they’re delicious and celebrations welcome deliciousness in all its forms.

After cronuts, I decided to spend a little time with my book and some boozy coffee. I went to Cafe Riis (for the third time this week–I think they’re getting sick of me there) and asked the barista if they had any boozy coffee items on the menu. Like with Bailey’s or Jameson. When he asked “which?” I said BOTH! Obviously. And I think I got judged a little. Because evidently you can’t have extra boozy coffee at 2 pm for no reason. EXCEPT I DO HAVE A REASON. A GOOD ONE. IT’S SAINT FUCKING PATRICK’S DAY AND NO BODY CARES. I didn’t see one Norwegian wearing green today. Not one. And no Irish flags. And no celebrations. And I’m pretty sure I was the only one at Riis drinking Irish coffee.


Emily and I did a little shopping in the afternoon because I was hoping TGR would have something St. Patrick’s-y. They change their merch with each holiday, so I had high hopes for a pair of springy shamrock ears or a leprechaun beard. All I found was this tiny pointless thing that has been there for weeks and weeks now, so I’m pretty sure it’s not even a nod to St. Patrick’s just like SPRING in general.


I didn’t buy it because it’s about the size of my thumb and serves no purpose. For dinner, I made a Shepherds pie because somebody has to do some celebrating, and one shot of Jameson in my coffee this afternoon didn’t seem adequate.


The pie turned out alright! Not a bad end to the day. Well, not a bad day overall, considering nobody else seems to give a shit that it’s a very important drinking holiday and nobody seems to be drinking. Anyway, NEXT YEAR whatever we end up doing is going to have to be double. And I will have my whole wardrobe and I will do better than this for green:



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