Dublin Botanic Garden

SPOILER ALERT: This post is going to be mostly pictures. Sorry not sorry.

Our air bnb was located in the Drumcondra neighborhood, north of the city, and a stone’s throw away from the National Botanic Gardens. Since Matt and I didn’t have anything major planned for our first full day in Dublin, we decided to check out the gardens. We set out around 9 am and found a little café for breakfast. Though I greatly appreciated their scone pun, I find croissants to be a superior pastry.

The day was so perfect. Even the walk there was lovely. We saw a few ducks and swans in the canals that laced through the Drumcondra neighborhood. Walking along the canals made us feel momentarily like we were no longer in a busy city.


But we really felt transported once we arrived at the gardens. They’re all free and open to the public, but we hardly saw any other tourists. Might have been because we got there early, but it’s almost as if tourists think something free isn’t worth seeing. NOT TRUE. This place was fantastic. FANTASTIC. A perfect place to spend a bright spring morning. Tons of green houses, well-groomed paths, every kind of plant imaginable. And there was a neat cemetery next door that we walked through for a while.

I always hope to find critters, but I only spotted a few birds and bees. MUST BE SPRING!

There were lots of little bridges and water. Always beautiful.

Lovely green houses with organic shapes that didn’t detract from the natural setting.

And plants! So many plants! Fuzzy, spikey, tropical, domestic–we saw a little bit of everything.

My favorites were the ferns. I LOVE how their tiny tendrils unfurl in the spring. Like little arms reaching out for summer warmth.

Oh and of course–GARDEN SELFIE:


If you visit Dublin, you MUST see these gardens. They also had an art gallery in the visiter’s center with beautiful pieces by local artists. And they had a cafe that was packed by the time we left. We stopped in for a little snack–I got a salted caramel banana chocolate silk pie that was EVERYTHING. But I’ll put that in the junk food post. I kind of regret not eating lunch there because it all looked delicious.

This was my favorite site we visited in Dublin–but the Boyne Valley and the Cliffs of Moher tours that we took over the next two days presented some rival awesomeness.


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