Bailey the Dog

Before I continue on about Dublin adventures, let me back up a bit and tell you this story. It’s hands-down the most weird and wonderful moment from my travels so far.

So, Matt and I are walking through a neighborhood on our way to the Botanic Gardens, when we notice a man approaching with his dog. The man is very old, tall but sort of hunched with white hair and cloudy blue eyes. He’s well-dressed in a vest and tie, as if clinging to the tradition of looking presentable when leaving the house, even if its just for a stroll. (Imagine what he’d think of Walmart).

The man is not alone–he’s out with his dog, a lovely cocker spaniel with a well-groomed golden coat and droopy old eyes. As we two are about the meet the approaching pair, we come to a car that has parked partially into the sidewalk (you know the type). Instead of forcing the old man into the road, Matt and I pull off into the corner created by our side of the walk and the car. As the man passes, he surprises us by not only stopping, but by boxing us in. We look at him curiously, wondering why he’s blocking our path. Does he need something? Is he lost? Is this really his dog?

Before we can even say hello, He opens his mouth and demands, “pet my dog.” Not–would you like to pet my dog? Or–do you like dogs? Simply–PET MY DOG. I’m taken aback for a moment, then immediately delighted because honestly whenever I see a person with a dog ALL I WANT IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS FOR THEM TO STOP AND DEMAND THAT I PET THEIR DOG. And this sweet old man has just looked into the depths of my soul and granted me that very wish. I drop to my knees and start showering the dog with affection.

The old man starts telling us about his companion, Bailey. He’s a cocker spaniel. A golden one. And the golden ones really are the best, aren’t they? Bailey looks so nice because he just got groomed. But it’s so expensive! Fifty euro! Imagine getting a hair cut that cost 50 euro.

We chit chat for a few minutes, and Matt says hello to Bailey too. Then the old man informs us that Bailey loves attention–especially from women, ha-ha-ha! Matt chuckles and says, “who could blame him?” The old man had a good laugh and said “Good man!” And with that, we parted ways.


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