Last Day in Dublin

I’m really behind on my stories! The end of the semester has been BUSY, and I promise I’ll catch up. Let’s wrap up Dublin.

One of my travel goals was to try whatever food is a staple of the place I’m visiting. In Dublin, I thought of corned beef. Who doesn’t associate Ireland with corned beef? After our Cliffs of Moher tour, I got the chance to order it. It was…disappointing. Evidently only Americans think the Irish do corned beef well. I think we do it better.


It was a big meal and I couldn’t finish all of it, but I’m not one to waste. The solution? PURSE MEAT. I wrapped the leftovers in a piece of tin foil, ignored the snide look the waiter gave me, and took the leftover meat home in my purse. AND LET ME TELL YOU. That made for a tasty breakfast.

Matt’s making a face but he helped me eat it. PURSE MEAT FTW.

On our last day, we had until about 5 to explore before we had to head to the airport. We stashed our bags at Emily’s hotel and headed toward the book of Kells located at Trinity College. Trinity is a beautiful campus. I can’t imagine how cool it would be to go to school there.

We got in line about 10 minutes before it opened, and the line was already about a half an hour long. By the time we got in, the line wrapped around the courtyard. We finally got in and I lucked out; the fella who sold me my ticket gave me the student price. I STILL GOT IT, YA’LL. Once inside, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, but here are some fun facts:

  1. The ancients used the peacock as a symbol of incorruptibility because they believed that a peacock’s flesh did not putrefy
  2. The serpent is also a symbol of Christ because the shedding skin is a symbol of rebirth
  3. Four scribes worked on the book of Kells
  4. It’s written on vellum (calf skin); the book took about 185 calves
  5. Mistakes in the book were noted with three small dots

It was pretty neat to see and read about. Then we walked through the library which was also neat.

I wouldn’t wait in line for an hour or more for it, so I’m glad we got in line early. If you ever go, make sure you get in line just before it opens. Or skip it.

Since it was the Friday before Easter, lots of stuff was closed and, worse, no alcohol could be sold anywhere in the city. So much for one last Guinness. We wandered. We found Bram Stoker’s House:

And Oscar Wilde’s house/statue:

We also took in the Dublin Doors which is apparently a thing:


For lunch, we found a place called Eden. It was WEIRD and I LOVED IT. Really artsy and kitschy, with mounted animals, a wooden statue of a man hanging from his feet, ornate candle stick holders, overgrown philodendrons hanging off tall pillars, and a stuffed zebra head in an orange frame. The bathrooms were covered in paintings, stories, and poems. They had a tasty brunch menu, and I ordered a lamb burger. The food came out on a wooden board instead of a plate, which fit the artsy theme of the cafe. We ate well.

We didn’t really save room for dessert, but there’s always room for ice cream. Plus, Nick gave us a recommendation for this place, so we had to go. They had funky flavors, including Irish Whiskey. Very good, spirits present. It was raining by that point, but we just ate our ice cream in the rain. Tastes the same.

We got in to the Oslo airport at 11:30 and caught the last bus to Moss. It was a sleepy ride. We got in around 2 am. We fell asleep fast, dreaming of Dublin.



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